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Why should You trust us?

We think human,
not a product.

We have been present on the labour market since 2010. Every day we learn and gain new skills as well as new experiences due to which we constantly improve the quality of the services offered. Our mission is to develop and enhance the business of our Partners and to offer them our support in every aspect and field connected with the staff. Companies are offered and provided access to employees having all indispensable competences and qualifications. However, our cooperation does not end by looking for competent people. We offer professional support also in the field of formalities of all kind after a particular person has already been employed.

Michał Rembiszewski

Management team

Michał Rembiszewski

Executive Director

Małgorzata Należna

Operations Manager

Igor Yelovskyi

Coordinator leader

Specialist team

Natalia Hrin


Oksana Kyryliuk


Andrzej Kostiukowicz


Our Philosophy


We work fairly.

We all know and are aware of our duties and responsibilities. We also know with whom we cooperate and to whom we shall report the results of what we have done.

The settlement of our work (working hours) follows on the basis of qualitative and quantitative objectives. We truly believe that in the implementation and fulfilment of objectives the way which leads to this is of the same importance. Be HLL.

Each and every one of us strives to achieve our common goals and the settlement of working hours follows in the same way for the entire team.
We do not reward for future achievements, we reward for efficiency and attitudes.

Our aspirations

Change for the better.

Since 2010, we have built a team of people for whom the development of recruitment in Poland and beyond is the most important goal.



Every day we support our Partners at each stage of the recruitment and outsourcing process so that they could focus on things they are the best at.



We think: human, and not product and therefore we will never get bored by our job.